Customer Support

Our experience and knowledge enables us to advise and support our customers to achieve their aims effectively and efficiently. We encourage working relationships with our customers to fully understand their wants and needs and then advise and provide the options available to you.

We will happily attend site meetings to meet with customers to review site specific requirements to meet individual needs. Understanding the requirement enables us to offer cost and benefit in use analysis to deliver cost efficiencies enabling customers to purchase smartly within available budgets.

We pride ourselves on our service and strongly believe in giving our customers exactly what they need from a professional, personal and value for money service provider. We don’t just stop at the supply and delivery as we offer our customers a complete support and advisory service including technical problem solving, cleaning and maintenance solutions, washroom solutions, product benefit and advice, and always ensuring complete adherence to all health and safety compliance.

Why not contact us to arrange a face to face meeting on site to discuss your needs and see how we can help support you to get the best from your products and purchasing activity.

Key points about CHD:

♦ Extensive knowledge and experience of working with and supporting local businesses and educational clients for over 20 years.

♦ Will work closely with clients to identify suitable products and streamline product lines where possible to offer the most suitable, effective and efficient products within budget.

♦ Work collaboratively with our clients to achieve and maintain best value through the service we supply and deliver.

♦ Knowledge and experience to deal effectively with all your cleaning and maintenance, catering and consumable requirements to achieve results.

♦ Infrastructure in place for dealing with regular scheduled delivery days within a wide geographical area.

♦ Over 700 product lines at its warehouse facility in Stoke on Trent with access through its extensive supply network to over 7000 products.

♦ Strong links with manufacturers/suppliers and an awareness of new innovative product lines to promote new efficient ways to work with the client through advice and recommendations, review meetings and product demonstrations.

♦ Commitment to continuous development and encourages good working relationships with its clients to introduce new products that could benefit the client in terms of product quality, value and environmental impact.

♦ Sustainable procurement policies to minimise the impact of products on the environment where possible working closely with our manufacturer partners.

♦ Promotes quality management and maintains a proven record of accomplishment of quality accreditation through ISO 9001:2008.

♦ Measures quality and performance to maximise overall performance and aid continual improvement to enhance the customer experience.

♦ Our sales office is manned daily Monday to Friday and accepts orders electronically via email or by phone.

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