Getting the best from your floors

There are many types of floors in premises ranging from stone, sheet and tile, wood and carpet. As with any floor the look and behaviour of it will heavily depend on the maintenance regime in place to ensure the floor performs to the best of its ability.

A floors appearance can say a lot about a premise as first impressions count so it’s important to have all surfaces looking at their best as well as being practicable for their environment. A floor surface is heavily utilised in any building so it is important that the right choices are made in terms of what flooring is used and how it is maintained.

All floor surfaces have an expected lifespan and the correct cleaning and maintenance will ensure that lifespan is achieved. A regular cleaning routine will ultimately provide a well-maintained floor that will be easier to clean and maintain its appearance for the lifespan of the floor covering. If a floor is not well maintained there will be issues in regard to soilage build up, potential slip hazards and a reduced life expectancy which would result in costly rectification or replacement.

Floor issues are generally down to a failure of one or a combination of any of the following elements:

People: Untrained operatives with lack of experience or knowledge.

Product: Not using the right product for the floor type being cleaned.

Process: Incorrect process or equipment for cleaning and maintaining a floor.

Prevention: Not having effective prevention systems in place.

We can advise and support you to ensure you get the best from your floors and keep them in their best condition. Our knowledge and experience of floors and their maintenance enables us to provide you with the right products, machinery and training to promote effective floor care and maintenance.

We supply all products for:

• Wood floor care and maintenance

• Vinyl and safety floor care and maintenance

• Polish application and maintenance

• Carpet cleaning and stain removal

• Prevention of contamination using barrier matting

For each day buildings are used, particles of dirt, grit and water are tracked in on the soles of footwear through every entrance. Not only will this leave unsightly marks and stains on your floors but may result in a hazard in terms of potential slips.

Barrier matting is a simple concept that aims to maintain the highest level of service possible in aiding the removal, prevention and spread of unwanted dirt and soil. Matting will help reduce the level of dirt and soil that enters the building by trapping it at the entrance point, remember first impressions count. It will also help reduce the 70 – 80% of soil that is tracked in on footwear that will damage your floors and aid the removal of excess water walked in on footwear, HSE statistics show that 90% of slip injuries are due to wet floors. An average person will transport into your building .58 grams of dirt per day.

Times this by the number of building users and the level of traffic flow and you will begin to see where the problem lies. Effective barrier matting will help to reduce the level of soil and moisture that is tracked into building on building occupant’s footwear, prevention is a positive step to achieving safer environments.

Effective floor care and maintenance is essential in promoting buildings that are safe and healthy environments for building users to live, learn and work.

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