Product Code: CHD013

An easy to use, neutral hard surface cleaner imparting a zesty lemon fragrance. Ideal for cleaning floors, walls, kitchen equipment etc. Supplied in a 5ltr container.

For heavy impacted oil and grease: dilute 1 part with 10 parts of cold water (500ml to 5 litres). For all stone floors: dilute 1 part with 20 parts of water (250ml to 5 litres). For general cleaning of floors, walls, equipment etc: dilute 1 part with 50 parts of water (100ml to 5 litres). Apply to the surface with spray, mop or cloth, leave to react for a few seconds and then wipe off the dirt with the mop/cloth, rubbing stubborn marks. Rinse the mop/cloth frequently in clean water.

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